Come arredare il vostro locale e renderlo unico

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With their timeless design, the Jumbrella® series is the legacy to our success. The Bahama® Jumbrella® offers the latest evolution of systems that have become an industry standard. Despite many imitators, the Jumbrella remains unrivalled in quality, reliability and overall performance. Years of development, engineering and experience support these high-tech designs. No one else can provide this level of quality at such an affordable price.

By providing luxury options, the Jumbrella® can be tailored to our clients needs. Such options can extend outdoor revenue year round. From cold winter nights to hot summer days, Bahama® luxury options will keep your business going rain or shine.
Bahama® Heating utilizes infrared heaters creating a column of heat under the umbrella to combat the cold weather temperatures. Together with Bahama® Lighting, cool night hours become a pleasure to spend outside.
Our square and rectangular models combined with Bahama® Linking can be set in large square and row configurations to provide unlimited ground coverage.
For the complete experience a musical atmosphere can be added to the setting with Bahama® Sound.
Standard production Jumbrella® models are equipped with single colour, non-printed fabric membranes. However, all Jumbrellas can be custom-branded and printed, upon the client’s request. For more information: ARREDALO.COM

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